Most Extreme Things To Do In Las Vegas

Most Extreme Things To Do In Las Vegas

Are you looking for an extreme adrenaline rush that can only be experienced in Las Vegas? One of a kind experiences that will live long after the final drop? Then you’ve come to the right place. From crushing a car with heavy machinery to making an 855 feet controlled jump off of the Stratosphere, I’m going to take you through some of the most extreme things to do in Las Vegas.

Discover Your Inner Top Gun

Picture it: You’re in an airplane with a professional pilot, soaring through the sky without a care. That’s exactly what you get with Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas. The rules are simple: no prior flying experience required, just a desire for thrills. Get ready to learn how to take the plane up and leave it performing aerial acrobatics, with tumbles and rolls you never dreamed of. It’s the perfect way to get your wanderlust fix and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Go Ghost Hunting in an Abandoned Ghost Town

Experience one of the spine-tinglingly scary ghost tours of the nearby ghost town of Goodsprings, the abandoned mining town from the Travel Channel program ‘Ghost Adventure,’. Explore the historic streets and cemetery while hearing stories of unsolved mysteries and tragic events, while you hunt for ghosts with the included ghost-hunting equipment.

Step Into the Excavator and Unleash Your Inner Super Hero

You know what they say, “once you go big digger, you never go back”. At Dig This Las Vegas, you get the opportunity to operate real construction equipment in a safe environment. Ages 14 and up have the chance to drive the bigger machines and 7 and up can maneuver the smaller ones.

Dig This offers you a hands-on learning experience with any machine you choose under the guidance and instructions of a professional. Complete with air conditioning, you can play in the heat while staying cool in the cabin. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to construct a giant sandcastle – all in safety!

Jump off the Stratosphere

Yes, you can jump off the Stratosphere! While there are plenty of options to get your adrenaline pumping in Las Vegas, few compare to the thrill of the SkyJump on the Stratosphere Tower. Climbing up 855 feet, you’ll feel the fear creep into your chest as you reach the top. Visit the Stratosphere and face the fear to experience one of the most exciting jumps of your life.

SkyJump gives participants the option to capture their dive with a GoPro attached to their wrist – giving you the ultimate bragging rights! And if that wasn’t enough, visitors also have the opportunity to get pictures of their jump taken from below by family and friends.

Supersonic Ziplining Over The Crowds

Once you’ve conquered the Stratosphere, it’s time to take things in a different direction. Strap yourself into a Superman-style position and zoom down Fremont Street with the Slotzilla zip line. You’ll travel up to 1000 feet and reach speeds of 35 mph, giving you the perfect blend of adventure and speed. Seeing the lights of Fremont Street from a new perspective, you’ll be sure to have a ride you’ll remember.

Fly LINQ offers visitors the opportunity to zip-line across the LINQ promenade – 12 stories up, to be exact. At 38mph, you’ll experience a rush unlike any other, as you soar above all the action on the street below. Plus, Fly LINQ even allows you to take off in groups of four or eight, making a group outing extra special.

Experience the Thrill of an Open-Air Helicopter & Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

Providing spectacular views of Vegas and the surrounding area, you can create memories that will stay with you forever with a helicopter or hot air balloon ride. Escape the chaos of the city and explore the breathtaking vistas of the Nevada desert. Whether you opt for a sunrise ride in a hot air balloon or a sunset tour in a chopper, the best way to experience Vegas is from a bird’s eye view.

Go Off-Roading in the Middle of the Desert

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled off-road adventure, ATV tours give thrill-seekers the perfect opportunity to explore the scenery of Las Vegas. With options to explore the terrain on an ATV or a side-by-side utility vehicle, you can race through the desert like a professional racer. Challenge the tracks in an unforgettable excursion.

Kayak at the Base Of Hoover Dam

While many have visited Hoover Dam, few can say that they kayaked in the waters at the base of the dam. After traveling down an original road carved into the canyon by the builders of the dam, you will launch your kayaks at the base of Hoover Dam and travel down the Colorado river. Experience the stunning beauty of Black Canyon, Emerald Cave and soak in natural hot springs while experiencing an unforgettable adventure.

Step into a Horror Adventure

What could be more thrilling than crawling through abandoned mine shafts, while being chased by zombies? Elaborate stage sets, actors, and laser light shows make this unique horror experience unique, and also a whole lot of fun. Perfect for horror-enthusiasts, head down to Zombie Outbreak for a true scare.

Nothing gets the heart pumping quite like putting your wits to the test in an escape room, especially if your life depends on it! The SAW Escape Experience offer a wide variety of scenarios that require you and your team to solve puzzles and riddles before time runs out. It’s an exhilarating experience that requires quick thinking and creative solutions.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Explore the Grand Canyon as you’ve never seen it before with a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour. Get ready to admire all its grandeur from the skies and maybe even land on the canyon floor for a champagne toast. What could possibly be more romantic?

Drive an Exotic Car Around Vegas

For a real thrill, why not rent an exotic car and feel like a celebrity for the day? A trip around Vegas in a Lamborghini or Ferrari is the stuff dreams are made of. It may only be for a few hours, but you’ll still be able to live life in the fast lane.

Blow Some Sh!t Up

What could be more extreme than shooting 8 of the most powerful fully automatic weapons out in the Desert! Your inner Rambo will get the adrenalin of firing weapons you normally can’t at a firing range. Even the tour operator claims “This tour is not for the faint of heart since you will be blowing things up!”

Go Skydiving

Forget about waiting in line to get your Las Vegas thrills – literally take it to the skies with the Skydive Las Vegas experience. Get strapped into their state of the art gear and go soaring from a dizzying 10,000 feet above the ground, experiencing epic views of the desert and the famous Las Vegas Strip.

For those wanting to stay closer to the ground, Indoor skydiving replicates the freefall aspect of the real thing and offers a newfound appreciation for the sport. With a professional instructor on hand, you’ll don all the necessary gear and have the chance to fly with the wind and enjoy the sensation safely – and without having to jump out of a plane.

Real Bodies Exhibit

The Real Bodies exhibit at the Luxor features more than 20 human bodies, each preserved and dissected to help explain how the body works. Learn more about human anatomy while admiring the specimens. Who doesn’t love dissected bodies?

Trip to Area 51

As an explorer, I’ve always been drawn to the unknown and the mysterious, and what could be more mysterious than Area 51? This full-day adventure from Las Vegas offers the chance to witness one of the world’s most infamous locations and explore some of the most desolate, uninhabited and scenic desert landscapes on the planet.

This adventure begins with a visit to the top-secret Janet Airlines at Las Vegas International Airport, followed by a drive through the mutant Joshua Tree Forest, the mysterious Dry Lake, the Black Mailbox and the ‘Absolute Perimeter’ where the notorious “Men in Black” are said to keep watch. This is not just a tour, it’s a journey into the unknown, a chance to challenge your perceptions and discover the secrets of Area 51.

Final Thoughts About The Most Extreme Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for the thrill-seekers among us. With these unique bucket list adventures, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. From jaw-dropping jumps to picturesque views, you can make your wildest dreams come true in the Entertainment Capital of the World. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure in Las Vegas today!

No matter what unique adventures you add to your bucket list, one thing is certain: you’ll never forget the thrill of having experienced such an exciting city! So when you’re planning your next trip, don’t forget to add these unique items to your list of must-dos in Las Vegas.