The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

Navigating the sea of options when seeking the best hotel in downtown Las Vegas can feel overwhelming. The Golden Nugget, The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, Circa Las Vegas, The D Las Vegas, and The English Hotel are considered to be some of the top hotels in downtown Las Vegas.

In this article, we’ll explore these top-notch hotels with fantastic amenities and prime locations that offer an unforgettable experience. Prepare to find your perfect Vegas home-away-from-home!

Top Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget, The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, Circa Las Vegas, The D Las Vegas, and The English Hotel are some of the top hotels in downtown Las Vegas.

These hotels offer luxurious accommodations, exceptional entertainment options, and fine dining experiences however each hotel has its unique features and benefits that set them apart from one another.

The Golden Nugget

Situated right at the heart of the vibrant Fremont Street Experience, The Golden Nugget stands as a beacon of luxury in downtown Las Vegas. Bringing an illustrious history, this upscale 4-star hotel offers not just lodgings, but unforgettable experiences to all types of travelers.

Recently updated in 2015, it caters to diverse budgets and preferences with its variety of room and suite options – each echoing excellent service and comfort highly praised by guests. Having been a mainstay on the scene for many years, it holds the crown as one of the oldest and most storied hotels downtown.

Dive into thrills at their onsite casino filled with a wide range of gaming options, an award winning three story pool complex, or enjoy easy access to nearby shopping, entertainment, and dining spots on Fremont Street.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino

Downtown Las Vegas boasts some fantastic hotels, and The Plaza Hotel & Casino is no exception. This iconic destination rests at the heart of downtown, right at the intersection of Main and Fremont Street.

For guests seeking that unique blend of historical charm and modern convenience, it’s hard to beat The Plaza. Housing the only bingo room in downtown Las Vegas coupled with a top-notch casino echoing vintage vibes.

Let’s not forget about their exceptional restaurants, with options such as Oscar’s Steakhouse, Hash House A Go Go, and Pop Up Pizza offering a variety of mouthwatering options sure to please your palate. After a day spent exploring Downtown Las Vegas, wind down lounging by their outdoor rooftop pool or getting a drink at the new Carousel Bar.

With an unmatched reputation developed since its opening in 1971 and high praise for friendly staff reinforcing that hallmark status, visiting tourists endorse The Plaza Hotel & Casino as arguably one of the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas.

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Just a stone’s throw away from Fremont Street is the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, known for its contemporary flair and exceptional value. It’s a unique blend of modern sophistication and classic Las Vegas charm that sets it apart as one of the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas.

At Downtown Grand, you can kick back and enjoy jaw-dropping views from its rooftop pool and terrace after an exciting day exploring the city. This hotel offers room options tailored to meet diverse needs ranging from luxury suites to cozy rooms with comfortable amenities, all designed with your utmost comfort in mind.

Known for its happy hour offerings and classic steakhouse cuisine, Triple George Grill is one of the dining options available at the Downtown Grand. Other dining options include Pizza Rock and Freedom Beat.

Consistently receiving high praise for its lower cost offerings and overall experience, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino has rightfully earned the accolade “Best Hotel Value in Las Vegas” by none other than the renowned Las Vegas Review Journal itself.

So whether you’re here for vibrant nightlife or trying out fabulous dining venues or perhaps aiming big on casino gaming tables – every memorable journey starts at this first-rate haven called Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino!

Circa Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas is a highly anticipated adult only hotel and casino resort that opened in 2023, bringing a new level of luxury and excitement to downtown Las Vegas. Located on the iconic Fremont Street Experience, Circa offers an immersive experience for adults looking for a high-end getaway.

With its prime location across from the Golden Gate, guests will have easy access to explore all that downtown Las Vegas has to offer. Owned by Derek and Greg Stevens, Circa provides top-notch amenities such as fine dining experiences such as Barry’s Downtown Prime, spa and wellness facilities, and of course, a world-class casino.

Being the new kid on the block, Circa has changed the game for Downtown Vegas hotels, bringing Strip-like elegance, a mind blowing pool and a three story sportsbook which is the largest in Las Vegas.

This modern resort is sure to impress visitors with its attention to detail and commitment to providing an unforgettable stay in downtown Las Vegas.

The D Las Vegas

When it comes to finding the best hotel in downtown Las Vegas, The D Las Vegas is a standout option that offers a winning combination of comfort, dining, entertainment, and gaming. Also owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens, this iconic 34-story building boasts 639 rooms and is considered one of the top values in the area.

Conveniently located between East Carson Ave and Fremont Street, The D provides easy access to the hotel and casino and the excitement of Fremont Street. Watch the amazing bartenders perform at the 34 seat LONGBAR or grab an incredible meal at Andiamo Steakhouse.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and exciting entertainment offerings, The D Las Vegas truly embodies the spirit of downtown Las Vegas.

The English Hotel

When it comes to finding the best hotel in downtown Las Vegas, The English Hotel is a standout choice. As part of the Tribute Portfolio Hotel collection, this new boutique hotel offers a unique and stylish experience for travelers.

Despite slightly smaller rooms compared to other hotels in Vegas, The English Hotel makes up for it with its contemporary and quaint atmosphere. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with special touches like gift bags and an in-room drink shaker.

One of the highlights of staying at The English Hotel is dining at The Pepper Club, a restaurant concept by celebrity chef Todd English. With its fantastic food and vibrant bar scene, it adds to the overall great vibe of the place.

In terms of location, The English Hotel couldn’t be better situated – being on the edges of the incredible Arts District gives guests even more opportunities to explore more of downtown Las Vegas.

Main Street Station

One hotel in downtown Las Vegas that doesn’t get enough credit is Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel. With its unique Victorian Era theme and decorated with antiques, this hotel offers guests a charming and historic experience unlike any other.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Las Vegas, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the city. The hotel boasts 406 quiet and comfortable rooms, ensuring a relaxing stay for all visitors.

And if you’re a fan of delicious food and craft beer, you’ll love their popular Triple 7 Restaurant & Brewery. Plus, with its on-site casino, proximity to Fremont Street, and convenient location for shopping and dining, Main Street Station truly offers everything you need for an unforgettable stay in downtown Las Vegas.

Unique Features of the Best Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas

From luxurious accommodations to exciting entertainment options, fine dining experiences, and relaxing spa facilities, the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas have everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Explore the unique features that set them apart and discover why they are a must-visit destination.

Luxury Accommodations

As someone who loves to visit Las Vegas and enjoys the finer things in life, I understand the importance of finding a hotel with luxurious accommodations. Luckily, in downtown Las Vegas, you’ll find an array of top-notch hotels that offer nothing short of pure luxury.

One such hotel is Circa Resort & Casino, which has been heralded as the best hotel in downtown Las Vegas for 2023. With its sleek and modern design, spacious rooms adorned with upscale amenities, and breathtaking views of the city skyline or surrounding mountains, Circa truly sets itself apart from the rest.

Another notable option is Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, known for its opulent rooms featuring plush furnishings and elegant decor. And let’s not forget about Plaza Hotel & Casino, offering stylish accommodations that blend comfort and sophistication seamlessly.

Entertainment Options

Las Vegas is known for its incredible entertainment options, and the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas certainly don’t disappoint. From live shows to vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the standout venues is Gold Spike, a popular nightlife spot in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. Here, you can dance the night away with live DJs and even partake in unique events like roller skating. It’s a fantastic place to let loose and have fun with friends.

For those who appreciate history and charm, The Plaza Hotel is a must-visit. This iconic hotel has a rich past and offers an array of entertainment choices. Whether it’s catching a show or trying your luck at their casino, you’ll never run out of things to do here.

And if you’re looking for high-end amenities and top-notch performances, The D Hotel won’t disappoint. With luxury accommodations including spacious guest rooms and suites, as well as a dinner theater featuring live entertainment, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience.

Fine Dining Experiences

One of the highlights of staying at the best hotels in Downtown Las Vegas is undoubtedly the exceptional fine dining experiences they offer. From exquisite international cuisine to mouthwatering local delicacies, these hotels cater to every palate.

Plaza Hotel & Casino stands out for its outdoor fine dining experience at Oscar’s Patio, where guests can savor delicious meals while enjoying breathtaking views of the city lights. Meanwhile, Circa Las Vegas boasts a variety of upscale restaurants that offer delectable dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

Whether you’re craving steakhouse favorites or looking to indulge in some great pizza, Downtown Las Vegas has a range of options that will satisfy even the most discerning food lovers. And with the exciting food scene in the 18B Arts District area, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable culinary adventure during their stay downtown.


When it comes to the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas, the pool offerings are truly exceptional. From expansive pool decks to luxurious amenities, there’s something for everyone looking to soak up the sun and take a refreshing dip.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino boasts one of the top pools in downtown Las Vegas, with a massive 70,000 square foot pool deck and VIP cabanas available. It’s no wonder that their pool is considered one of the best in town.

For those seeking a more lavish experience, the Stadium Swim at Circa has six pools all with views of the 40-foot high definition viewing screen, cabanas and plenty of sunbathing chairs.

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas also deserves a mention when talking about top-notch hotel pools in downtown Las Vegas. Their “Tank” pool stands out with its unique features that include a shark aquarium where guests can slide through on water slides.

Not to be left out, the Downtown Grand also offers an impressive rooftop pool where guests can relax and enjoy fantastic views while taking advantage of their excellent service.

Casino Amenities

One of the highlights of staying at the best hotels in downtown Las Vegas is the incredible array of casino amenities available. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just looking to have some fun, these hotels offer an impressive selection of more affordable gaming options to suit every taste.

From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to state-of-the-art slot machines, you’ll find it all here. Plus, many casinos in downtown Las Vegas host regular tournaments and events for those who enjoy a little friendly competition.

So whether you’re feeling lucky or simply want to soak up the vibrant atmosphere, don’t miss out on the thrilling casino amenities offered by these top downtown hotels.

Conclusion: Best Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best hotel in downtown Las Vegas, there are several outstanding options to choose from. The Golden Nugget consistently ranks as a top choice with its luxurious accommodations and plethora of entertainment options.

Other notable hotels include The D Las Vegas and Circa Las Vegas, both offering beautiful facilities and unforgettable experiences. Ultimately, your choice will depend on factors such as location, amenities, and budget.

So go ahead and book your stay at one of these incredible hotels for an unforgettable trip to downtown Las Vegas!