Best Rooftop Pools In Las Vegas – Beat the Heat with Stunning Views

Best Rooftop Pools In Las Vegas – Beat the Heat with Stunning Views

Las Vegas is a city known for its luxurious hotels, dazzling entertainment, and world-class amenities. One of the most sought-after experiences in Sin City are the stunning rooftop pools that provide an extraordinary oasis amidst the vibrant desert backdrop.

Rooftop pools are a growing trend among high-end hotels in the area, providing guests with an elevated perspective on relaxation and poolside leisure. The allure of rooftop pools lies in their ability to transform ordinary experiences into something extraordinary.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of some of Las Vegas’ finest rooftop pools located along the iconic Strip and Downtown area, highlighting their unique features and breathtaking views.

Top Rooftop Pools On The Las Vegas Strip

You will find rooftop pools aplenty when staying on the Las Vegas Strip. Experience the best of Las Vegas Strip’s rooftop pools at the Boulevard Pool in The Cosmopolitan, featuring live music and movie screenings, or the Venetian and Palazzo Pool Deck with its stunning infinity pools.

Boulevard Pool At The Cosmopolitan

The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan is renowned for offering one of the best rooftop pool experiences on the Las Vegas Strip. With its stunning views of the city, this vibrant atmosphere can accommodate up to 3,000 guests and provides free access to hotel residents; meanwhile, non-hotel guests can enjoy it starting at a $10 entry fee.

This luxurious rooftop oasis offers numerous comfortable lounge chairs and daybeds for sunbathing or relaxation as well as cabanas available for rent. To keep guests entertained throughout their visit, live music performances and DJ sets liven up evenings while daytime activities such as movies under the stars and yoga classes are offered by the venue.

Pool á Paris Las Vegas

Pool á Paris Las Vegas is a stunning two-acre rooftop pool complex that transports you to the city of love itself. Conveniently located under the hotel’s breathtaking replica of the Eiffel Tower, this luxurious pool offers guests and visitors alike an unparalleled view of the sparkling Las Vegas Strip.

For those seeking added privacy, cabanas can be reserved starting at $200 or villas at $250. Daybeds are also available starting from just $50. In addition to its alluring amenities, Pool á Paris Las Vegas boasts an extensive food menu catering to various tastes and preferences – perfect for refueling after a refreshing swim.

Drai’s Beachclub At The Cromwell

Drai’s Beachclub at the Cromwell is an incredible destination that offers visitors a fantastic rooftop pool and nightlife experience in Las Vegas.

Considered one of the best rooftop pools on the Las Vegas Strip for party-goers, this venue boasts over 35,000 square feet of space with eight pools, digital LED screens, lighting, and 150+ VIP tables.

Situated 11 stories high overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, customers can relax in luxury cabanas or bungalows while taking in world-famous DJs’ music. Moreover, they only charge admission fees based on events hosted at their nightclub called Drai’s Nightclub situated alongside it.

Venetian And Palazzo Pool Decks

The Venetian and Palazzo Pool Decks are both rooftop gems located on the Las Vegas Strip. Inspired by the Italian Riviera, this two-acre pool deck opens all year round and features three heated infinity pools that are perfect for both relaxation and entertainment.

Guests can enjoy live music and DJs during summer months while lounging in cabanas or daybeds with prices ranging from $25 – $600 on weekends. This location has become a favorite spot for celebrities and VIPs who seek privacy while indulging in some of the best luxuries available in Las Vegas.

Alexandria Pool In Sahara Las Vegas

If you are staying on the North end of the strip, one of the top rooftop pools in Las Vegas can be found at Sahara Las Vegas with its Alexandria Pool. This stunning pool offers exclusive access to hotel guests, providing an intimate and luxurious experience compared to other crowded rooftop pools on the Strip.

The modern design of this rooftop pool creates a relaxing atmosphere and has impressive views of the city skyline. The Alexandria Pool also features a rooftop bar with signature cocktails for those looking to enjoy a refreshing drink while basking under the sun or admiring the nighttime view.

Scene Pool Deck At Planet Hollywood

Scene Pool Deck at Planet Hollywood is a unique pool deck that features a standing wave machine called Flowrider, where guests can surf and boogie board.

The rooftop pool also has live DJs and performers for entertainment, and two hot tubs making it an ideal spot for those looking to party and have fun in the sun. Daybeds start from $100 while cabanas cost $200.

Best Rooftop Pools In Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas also has some great options for rooftop pools. Stadium Swim at Circa Resort & Casino is a rooftop paradise while Citrus Grand Pool Deck At Downtown Grand has some of the best views of the Las Vegas valley.

Stadium Swim At Circa Resort & Casino

Stadium Swim at Circa Resort & Casino is one of the top rooftop pools not only downtown but also in all of Las Vegas. Offering a unique experience with six heated swimming pools and two spas spread over three levels, Stadium Swim can accommodate up to 4,000 guests.

Sports fans rejoice! This pool complex features an enormous 40-foot tall and 143-foot-wide screen with 14 million pixels showing live sports games, ensuring there’s never a dull moment while lounging poolside.

The stadium-style seating provides ample space for social distancing while enjoying stunning views of downtown Las Vegas and the surrounding mountains. To complete the experience, guests can indulge in food and beverage options like gourmet hot dogs or premium cocktails from one of four swim-up bars or rent private cabanas equipped with everything needed for a luxurious day out.

Citrus Grand Pool Deck At Downtown Grand

One of the best rooftop pools in downtown Las Vegas is the Citrus Grand Pool Deck at Downtown Grand. This stunning pool deck spans over 35,000 square feet and features an infinity pool with amazing views of the city skyline.

Perfect for Instagram-worthy photos, daybeds start from just $100 while cabanas start from $300.

The Citrus Grand Pool Deck is accessible to both hotel guests and outside visitors, located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino.

Luxurious Rooftop Pools Off The Strip

Escape the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip at these luxurious rooftop pools, including Polo Towers Rooftop Pool and The Platinum Hotel & Spa. Discover elevated relaxation with stunning views and top-notch amenities that will have you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Polo Towers Rooftop Pool

Polo Towers, a Hilton Vacation Club, boasts one of the best rooftop pools in Las Vegas. The heated rooftop pool offers stunning views of the city skyline and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a perfect oasis for relaxation.

Guests can enjoy refreshing drinks from the pool bar or indulge in delicious noshes at North Bar while soaking up the sun. Private balcony rooms with panoramic views of the city or mountains are available for those seeking ultimate luxury.

And if you’re looking to stay fit while on vacation, Polo Towers has an impressive fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment that overlooks the bustling streets below.

SpringHill Suites Vegas Convention Center

Located off the bustling Las Vegas Strip at 2989 Paradise Road, SpringHill Suites by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center provides a tranquil oasis for its guests with their rooftop pool.

The luxurious rooftop pool offers panoramic views of the city, making it a great place to take in all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Not only does SpringHill Suites by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center feature an excellent rooftop pool, but they also provide complimentary breakfast and WiFi to their guests.

The rooms are spacious and come equipped with all the essential amenities such as refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers to ensure that your stay is comfortable.

The Platinum Hotel & Spa

The Platinum Hotel & Spa is a hidden gem located off the Las Vegas Strip, offering luxurious rooftop pools with breathtaking views of the city and mountains.

The hotel’s exclusive rooftop pools are only accessible to guests, providing a peaceful and serene environment to relax and soak up the sun. The spacious suites feature fully-equipped kitchens and private balconies with stunning panoramic views, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a home away from home experience.

Tips For Enjoying Las Vegas Rooftop Pools

To make the most of your time at these luxurious rooftop pools, arrive early to snag a prime spot, be aware of any pool parties or events taking place, and consider renting a cabana for ultimate relaxation.

Arrive Early For The Best Spots

Arriving early is crucial to securing the best spots at Las Vegas rooftop pools. The popularity of these unique pool experiences means that prime real estate is always in high demand.

Guests who arrive first can claim a coveted spot near plunge pools, bars, and other amenities. Additionally, arriving early allows guests to avoid long lines and wait times for things like renting cabanas or daybeds.

In contrast, those who show up later may have limited options for enjoying their time on the rooftop due to crowding or lack of availability.

Be Mindful Of Pool Parties And Events

It’s no secret that rooftop pools in Las Vegas are popular destinations for social events and parties. However, it is important to approach these events with caution and mindfulness.

Many of these pool parties can get crowded quickly, making them less enjoyable for those seeking a relaxing pool experience. In addition, some events may be geared towards a specific crowd or have age restrictions, so it is crucial to do research beforehand to ensure the event matches individual preferences.

It is also important to note that some hotels may limit access to their rooftop pools during special events or reserved cabana rentals.

Consider Poolside Cabana Rentals

For those seeking a more private and luxurious pool experience, many Las Vegas hotels offer cabana rentals. Cabanas typically come with comfortable seating options, shade-providing umbrellas, and usually include food and drink services.

Cabana rentals are perfect for individuals or groups looking to celebrate special occasions like birthdays or bachelorette parties or enjoy some quiet time away from the poolside crowds.

Cabanas provide an exclusive area for guests to relax while enjoying the exhilarating atmosphere of a rooftop pool in Las Vegas.

The Allure Of Rooftop Pools In Las Vegas

Imagine sipping on refreshing cocktails while enjoying panoramic vistas of The Strip and the surrounding mountains or sunbathing under the warm Nevada sun as you take breaks between gaming sessions.

Renowned establishments like The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool redefine poolside activities by incorporating unique features such as dine-in movies and live music performances by popular DJ’s during their sunset cocktail hour.

Some popular rooftop pools even expand beyond traditional day-to-day relaxation—Circa Resort & Casino’s Stadium Swim boasts six tiered pools overlooking a gigantic screen for sports viewing events while Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino doubles up as both a beach club during daytime hours and an energetic nightlife hotspot after dark.

Conclusion: Top Rooftop Pools In Las Vegas

In conclusion, Las Vegas is home to some of the most stunning rooftop pools in the world. From luxurious resorts on the Strip to hotels downtown and off the beaten path, there’s a little something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax poolside with a cocktail or want to party it up at an elevated pool party, Las Vegas has you covered. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose just one! So why not try them all? Visit as many rooftop pools as possible during your trip and soak up everything this city has to offer.