Hiking Oak Creek Canyon Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Hiking Oak Creek Canyon Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is basically the last stop on The Red Rock Scenic Loop. It is a down-and-back hike that takes you into the Rainbow Mountain canyons. The trail is a mix of desert trail hiking that leads into some pretty heavy-duty scrambling around and over boulders the size of cars and even small houses.

How to Get to Oak Creek Canyon Trail

To get to the trail just drive to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on State Highway 159 and pull into the scenic drive. You will drive about 12 miles around the loop until you come to the sign for the Oak Creek Turnoff. Drive down the gravel road for about .75 miles until you come to the parking area.

The trail is the one directly facing the mountains to the south end of the lot.

Hiking Oak Creek Canyon Trail

The trail at Oak Creek Canyon starts out with an easy-to-follow path through the desert which goes for about 1.25 miles before you come to a wash. Drop down into the wash and head to the right and follow the wash. At this point, there will be some pretty heavy-duty class 2 scrambling.

You will come to several very large boulders that block the wash but are easy to get around. Continue to follow the wash as it winds through the canyon. At about 1.5 miles you will reach a small cave that was made out of a very large boulder sitting on two smaller ones that looks like it was placed there on purpose.

Just past that, you will come to an area around the bend where the canyon wall turns into red sandstone and you can climb up the wall pretty easily. There is also a waterfall there if the water is not dried up.

You can hike further into the canyon pretty easily and from what I understand it goes quite a ways back. We decided to stop there and head back, due to the threatening weather. You don’t want to be stuck in one of those washes in a thunderstorm due to flash flooding.

This is a good trail to hike in the summer as there is quite a bit of shade in the canyon. Be sure to bring plenty of water and wear proper footwear. Both the trail leading into the canyon and the wash have lots of loose rock so this one is definitely an ankle-turner.

About The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Just 20 miles from the Las Vegas strip you will find Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern Nevada. The area is a favorite among locals and tourists alike for its breathtaking red rock formations and mountain views.

In addition to its 26 hiking trails, visitors to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area can also enjoy the 13-mile scenic drive with its many pull-offs and secluded picnic areas.

Just outside Red Rock Canyon visitors can also find opportunities for mountain biking and horseback riding. There are also some amazing hiking trails that can be accessed without paying an entrance fee.

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