Where To Go Shopping At The 18b? Best Art District Las Vegas Stores

Where To Go Shopping At The 18b? Best Art District Las Vegas Stores

The Vegas Arts District is brimming with just as many excellent shopping avenues as it is with charming galleries, restaurants, and live entertainment joints. For everything from vintage/modern apparel to antiques to artwork, make stops at stores such as Good Wolf Life Co., Local Oasis, and The Arts Factory.

It’s no secret that between Sin City’s casinos, high rises, and buzzing streets, you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for—Downtown Las Vegas Arts District’s shopping venues are no exception, just a bit quirkier.

I’ve visited many of the Arts District’s stores more times than I care to count and I’m yet to come out unsatisfied, wringing my empty hands (though I’ve definitely come out with an empty wallet far too many times). The area’s wide offering of retail is quickly making it a unique shopping destination, with some of the coolest stores in Vegas at the shopper’s disposal.

Whether you’re looking for antiques or one-of-a-kind knick-knacks or the latest fashion, here’s where to go shopping in the Art District of Las Vegas.

The Best Arts District Las Vegas Stores

From vintage clothing to stunning original artwork to antiques to horror-themed gifts, here’s a roundup of my top Arts District Las Vegas stores.

Nightmare Toys

I’m a fan of all things “horror”, and if you are, too, Nightmare Toys is a mecca. This cool store, easily one of the most unique and fun Arts District Las Vegas stores, pays homage to Hollywood horror movies through the ages, stocking everything from Norman Bates memorabilia to life-sized Chuckys.

With board games, puzzles, masks, action figures, DVDs and VHS tapes, clothing, and cute soft toys for the faint hearted, Nightmare Toys will leave you spoiled for choice.

And if all that shopping leaves you in need of a bite to eat, grab some “killer” food at the Nightmare Cafe next door.
Head here if you want to pick up a Sin City souvenir for yourself or the horror fans in your life!

1309 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Website

The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co.

This stylish boutique, run by a husband-and-wife duo who are just as fashionable as the apparel they stock, is your one-stop shop for home goods, accessories, and clothing (they stock brands such as Rhythm, Deus Ex Machina, and RVCA, to name a few). Though they mainly cater to adults, they also stock some apparel for the tots.

Additionally, is so aesthetic—beautiful candles and exotic soaps scent the room, while unique furniture, cocktail books, statement pieces, and coffee table books tastefully adorn the well-laid-out tabletops, clothing racks, corners, and cabinets.

It isn’t surprising that the store, one of the best Art District Las Vegas stores, is such a beaut to look at—its owners have a background in interior design and offer their expertise to clients.

1319 S Commerce St., Las Vegas NV 89102 | Website

The Red Kat Vintage

Formerly housed in Retro Vegas’ back section, this vintage clothing joint has now taken over Modern Mantiques’ sprawling space (both Modern Mantiques and Retro Vegas are now shut; the latter’s space now houses the popular Esther’s Kitchen).

The Red Kat Vintage is where I head to pick up fun and unique vintage gifts, from an impressive selection of vinyl records to ugly Christmas sweaters and cowboy boots! Racks and racks of clothes and accessories are separated by color and style, making it easy to browse through and pick out what you want.

1300 S Main St Las Vegas NV 89104 | Website

Local Oasis

The name isn’t a pompous phrase—it’s a well-deserved flex. This charming store is one of the best stores in the Art District of Las Vegas and an oasis of fun souvenirs, self-care and self-pampering goods, party games, candies, embroidery kits, glassware and mugs, cool T-shirts, seasonal holiday items, unique jewelry, and even terrariums!

Much of the stuff available in this colorful store are Nevada and Vegas-themed treasures, with a strong Vegas flair running through the postcards, candles, totes, necklaces, ornaments, pins, candles, and toys.

Many items by local artists are also available for purchase, including those made by artist and owner Abbie Renzema herself.

220 E Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV | Website

Rockin’ Bettie

Time to welcome the sass into your wardrobe and keep the curlers and red lipstick handy—this retro mecca is packed to the gills with clothes and apparel, for both men and women, from Hollywood’s vintage, rockabilly, and pin-up eras.

Each piece sold here is affordable, unique, and perfectly stylish, just as suited to a weekend at a music festival as it is to a stylish night out. If you don’t want to go completely “1950s”, there are options that combine both retro and modern flair.

1302 S. 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89014 | Website

Recycled Propaganda

Las Vegas Art District shopping is incomplete without a stop at street artist Izaac Zevalking’s eponymous store—the talented artist, known for his sociopolitical works, sells and exhibits his provocative pieces at Recycled Propaganda (so you can always walk in to view the pieces, even if you don’t intend to buy anything).

Pick up T-shirts, prints, pins, stickers, facemasks, and other memorabilia emblazoned with images of the prolific artist’s work, or take home some (surprisingly affordable) originals. Nobly, Zevalking also throws his doors open to works of fellow artists, displaying their work in quarterly exhibitions and putting pieces up for sale.

1114 S. Main Street Suite 120, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 | Website

The Arts Factory

Another of the treasures that make up the best of Art District Las Vegas stores, The Arts Factory is a decades-old warehouse (doesn’t get artsier than this!) that now houses chic boutiques, the 18bin bar and restaurant, and the galleries and studios of over 30 rotating artists.

You’ll recognize The Arts Factory by its iconic mural that decorates its front (“Love Las Vegas”) and once you enter the building, you’ll find a ton of unique, different, explore-worthy options in the vast space—you’ll need both a day and comfortable shoes to make the best of your time here!

What I love about this store, though, is the very handy art-vending machine on the first floor, where you can pick up some great jewelry, original artwork, and gifts if you’re short of time and cash.

107 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 | Website

Antique Alley

Rounding off our list of Arts District Las Vegas stores, Antique Alley is a world unto itself, sprawled across 12,000 square feet, 14 unique stores, and over 65 vendors. From tchotchkes to collectibles to vinyl records to vintage clothing and jewelry, these stores house a wealth of souvenirs, and it’s highly unlikely that you won’t find what you’re looking for here.

Some of the best stops in Antique Alley include Buffalo Exchange, where you can pick up gently used shoes, jewelry, and clothing that span decades of styles, and ReBar, a beautiful spot where you can refuel with light bites and refreshing drinks.

1126 S Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89104 | Website

The Bottom Line

Though the focus lies primarily on the burgeoning art, music, and food scene in the Arts District, the area’s stores are treasure chests waiting to be discovered. Antique collectibles, vintage clothing, thrift finds, horror memorabilia, one-of-a-kind jewelry, unique gifts—you name it and Sin City’s Arts District has it.