Best Restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas

Best Restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas

Chinatown Las Vegas is home to some of the state’s best Asian eateries, serving everything from raw octopus to Korean-style BBQ. Most of the restaurants sit on Spring Mountain Road and S Jones Boulevard, including the popular Lamaii, Izakaya Go, Mian, and District One.

Though the conventional idea of Sin City, when it comes to food, is fancy buffets, elite French restaurants, karaoke bars and celebrity-chef-owned joints, you’ll find a treasure trove of culinary gems in Vegas’s bustling Chinatown.

The four-mile stretch may seem unassuming and even unaesthetic, but step into one of the restaurants that dot it and your senses will thank you. Chinatown is quickly becoming a unique food destination in the country—one that’s growing even as it shapes its culinary and cultural identity.

If you’re looking for something to do in Chinatown Las Vegas, here are the best restaurants in Chinatown to feast in.

A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas

If you’re ever in Chinatown and need a bite (or ten—I assure you that there’s every possibility!), here is my list of the must-eat-in spots in the area.


The best of Thai cuisine comes to Lamaii, a swanky joint occupying a place of pride on Spring Mountain Road (the lifeblood of Chinatown’s burgeoning food scene) as well as the Chinatown Las Vegas dining scene.

Run by chef Bank Atcharawan (who also owns Chada Thai and Wine and Chada Street), Lamaii is no doubt one of the most aesthetic eateries in the area, with a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary Asian decor and striking lighting.

My visit to Lamaii was a culinary trip around Thailand, brimming with explosive flavors, courteous staff, and quick service. The Gang Pu, a heavenly concoction of Maryland blue crab in coconut milk, was a party for my palette, but if you want something lighter, the Yum Takrai (poached lobster with an onion and lemongrass salad) hits all the right spots.

The Steak Tartare is another noteworthy dish, combining just the right amounts of fish sauce, spices, and a filet mignon beautifully enhanced by a dash of lime. An impressive wine list is on offer, pairing perfectly with many of the dishes.

If you’re planning a trip to Lamaii, I highly recommend reserving a table in advance (easily done on Lamaii’s website), as the joint is not as big as others and can get busy pretty quickly, especially during the weekends.

4480 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Website

China Mama

Located in South Jones, China Mama may not seem to be as flamboyant as some of the other joints in the area, but enter the charming eatery and you’ll see that it’s because the energy goes into whipping up dramatic food bursting with bold flavors!

Mapo tofu, dim sum, and the juiciest pork buns ever, stuffed with broth and pork and steamed, will entice you into this family-owned spot, which takes patrons through all of China with its menu. The tea-smoked duck also stole my heart (and tummy)—a great option if you’re looking for a hearty dish.

The restaurant offers both traditional Chinese dishes and their adapted-to-American-taste versions. I highly recommend trying the former but in any case, complex flavors abound in whatever version you choose.

You can make reservations on their site or call them; given how popular they are with both tourists and locals, I suggest reserving a table in advance. FYI, you’re not going to find any alcohol here, but, likely, you won’t miss it at all.

3420 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 | Website

Izakaya Go

Another glittering jewel on Spring Mountain Road’s crown, Izakaya Go is where tapas meets Japanese flavors and makes this one of the best restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas.

Step in, and you’re transported to a Far East street market thanks to the tasteful wood-heavy decor and relaxing atmosphere; read the menu, and you’re transported to so many new worlds!

From wasabi-marinated raw octopus to sea urchin fettuccine to stir-fried chicken gizzard, Izakaya Go hasn’t a shy bone in its menu. Be adventurous, but if your tummy isn’t a seasoned veteran yet, you can stick to familiar territory and go with Korean-style BBQ ribs, teriyaki salmon, noodles, and sushi rolls. The bar selection is quite modest, though.

The joint is open till 2 AM every day. You can reserve a table online or by calling the restaurant.

3775 Spring Mountain Rd 301, Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Website


With a menu that shines the spotlight on zhajiangmian-style noodles (noodles hailing from Chongqing) and Szechuan-style street food, Mian, also on Spring Mountain Road, was quite a pleasant surprise.

The decor wasn’t too particularly inviting and I only stuck with the decision to walk in because the restaurant came so highly recommended—I just had to dig into the food for everything else to fade into the background.

Run by chef Tony Xu (who also runs Chengdu Taste), the food at Mian is bold, spicy, and funky, and this is one of the best spots for incredible dishes that are priced below $10. The pork wontons in chive and bone broth were simple yet novel, and are a great way to ease into the intestine, special gizzard, spare ribs, and beef pickled noodles.

The drinks menu is decent and there’s usually no waiting time. You can call to reserve a table, though.

4355 Spring Mountain Rd Ste 107 Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Website

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya

Japanese flavors, Italian dishes, and Chinatown—not an obvious combination but one that works magically and makes this one of the best restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas.

Red and white checkered tablecloths, perfectly al dente pasta, and a relaxed, intimate, and cozy vibe that puts the focus on enjoying your food make chef Kengo Nakamura’s joint on West Spring Mountain Road one of my favorites.

The fusion of Japanese and Italian flavors and dishes is so seamless and organic here that makes the fare here both surprising and unsurprising in the best way possible—who’d have thunk that using miso instead of egg in carbonara would be the embodiment of perfection that it is?

The melt-in-the-mouth octopus carpaccio, spaghetti with squid ink, and sea urchin linguine in tomato cream sauce, and the soy milk panna cotta are other must-try options—the Big Ten list on their wall will further help you try the joint’s most popular dishes.

Lunch hours are slow (but there are great deals offered), the drinks menu is impressive and includes sake, the prices are excellent, and some of the best food in Chinatown Las Vegas is on offer—the heart and tummy don’t need more!

5040 W Spring Mountain Rd Ste 5 Las Vegas, NV 89146 | Website

District One Kitchen and Bar

The namesake of Ho Chi Minh City’s epicenter, District One adds a modern touch to traditional Vietnamese fare that patrons can enjoy in stylish settings. This restaurant’s claim to fame is its lobster pho, chef Khai Vu’s beautiful innovation of a whole Maine lobster in a flavor-packed veggie broth.

Also recommended are the pho oxtail, pho bo vien, pho tom, pho ga, pho tai nam, a killer whole-fried Thai snapper glazed in fish sauce, and the latest innovation, the Ribeye Chow Fun. The cocktails here are innovative and delicious, such as the La Fiesta and the Five-Spice Old Fashioned.

Located on the S Jones arterial, District One takes reservations via call and its site.

3400 South Jones Blvd. Suite#8 Las Vegas, NV 89146 | Website

8 Oz. Korean Steakhouse

With more than half the world currently mooning over Korean boy bands and culture, the 8 Oz. Korean Steakhouse has never been more popular! Located on Spring Mountain Road, this fancy version of a traditional Korean barbeque organizes its menu by meat (a supremely extensive collection of it), which is cooked by a chef at your table (only during dinner, though; lunch is self-service).

Accompanying the grilled meat are delicious ban chan, noodles, cheese fondue, egg stew, tofu soup, kimchi stew, and soybean stew. Monday through Thursday, the restaurant offers excellent deals during its late-night happy hours.

A semi-industrial chic, a full bar, delicious food, and DJs playing the latest Korean hits make the wood and brick dining space a hit with young crowds, but unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so you’ll just have to try your luck.

4545 Spring Mountain Road B#105 Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Website

The Bottom Line

This list is nowhere close to exhaustive, but it’s a great introduction to the wide range of culinary wonders that Chinatown holds, especially Spring Mountain Street and S Jones Boulevard. Try out these restaurants and their delectable Asian fare on your next trip to Sin City, and you may find yourself returning to Sin City solely for Chinatown’s food.