Hiking Red Springs Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Hiking Red Springs Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Red Springs is just outside of the Red Rock Scenic Loop on the North side of Calico Hills. It is a terrific area if you are looking for some great hiking with incredible views. Most of the trails are fairly easy hikes and there is even a nice picnic area to enjoy.

The area is popular because of the natural springs that flow year-round. On this trip, we decided to hike along the Red Springs Trail on the backside of Calico Hills.

How to Get to Red Springs Trailhead

To get to the Red Springs trailhead just follow Charleston Rd (State Highway 159) to Calico Basin Rd which is right before the entrance to the Red Rock Scenic Loop if you are heading South. Follow the road until you see the sign for the picnic area parking lot.

Hiking Red Springs Trail to Calico Hills

Starting at the picnic area, there is a wooden path that takes you around one of the natural springs. There is also a well-marked trail to follow which gives you easy opportunities for some scrambling up the side of the hill.

As you follow this trail keep an eye out for the other springs that seem to appear magically out of the rocks.

About .75 miles into the hike the trail will start to lead you into the darker red sandstone and up between where two hills meet. Here the hike starts to get a little more strenuous and becomes more of a class 2 scramble.

The trail will split off into several trails at times but just pick the one that looks the best for you and continue upwards. As you go admire the scenery and explore around you, there are some small caves that have eroded out of the large rocks.

A little over a mile into the hike you will come to the highest point of the trail and an incredible view of Red Rock Canyon awaits you. At this point, you can turn around and head back or continue down the hill into Calico II.

The first half of this trail was pretty easy and good for family or pets. It does get more difficult as you head up the hill but the view at the top is well worth it. If you turn around at the top and head back it will be about 2.25 miles total distance and take you about 2.5 hours with rest breaks.

I do have to say that this was a very enjoyable hike if you are looking to just get away for a while.

About The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Just 20 miles from the Las Vegas strip you will find Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern Nevada. The area is a favorite among locals and tourists alike for its breathtaking red rock formations and mountain views.

In addition to its 26 hiking trails, visitors to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area can also enjoy the 13-mile scenic drive with its many pull-offs and secluded picnic areas. Just outside Red Rock Canyon visitors can also find opportunities for mountain biking and horseback riding.

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