Aria vs Wynn: Which Luxury Hotel is Right for You?

Aria vs Wynn: Which Luxury Hotel is Right for You?

What should you expect when visiting either Wynn Las Vegas or ARIA Resort & Casino? Is one better than the other? These are questions that many travelers have when visiting Sin City.

It’s a tough call, especially when you will likely be paying top dollar for the experience.

Aria vs Wynn

Let’s compare these two luxury hotel and casino resorts, side-by-side, as we explore all facets of the Wynn Las Vegas vs ARIA comparison. With both properties at similar prices, which one should you choose? Let’s explore what makes each of these resorts such a great option!


One major difference between Wynn Las Vegas and ARIA is their respective locations. Wynn is located slightly north of the popular mid-strip area, so it is a bit further away from the hustle and bustle. On the other hand, ARIA is located right in the middle of the strip, close to many other notable casino properties.

Wynn Las Vegas is conveniently located near some of the top attractions in Sin City, such as the Fashion Show Mall, the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, and the High Roller Ferris Wheel. Meanwhile, ARIA is also surrounded by plenty of attractions, including the Miracle Mile Shops, the KA Theater, and the nearby T-Mobile Arena.

Room Prices & Fees

Room prices are another determining factor when choosing a resort. Standard rooms at Wynn Las Vegas start at around $500-600 per night, with select villas running all the way up to $3,000-5,000 per night! This resort definitely takes luxury to the next level. Conversely, ARIA rooms start at around $250 a night, and the price continues to go up based on preference for more luxurious suites.

When it comes to hotel fees, ARIA’s charge is slightly higher than Wynn’s. ARIA charges $45.00 per night for resort fees, while Wynn charges $39.00. Additionally, Wynn does not charge for parking, but ARIA does charge $18 per night for self-parking and $27 per night for valet.


When it comes to accommodations, there’s no denying that Wynn takes the crown. Guests who stay with Wynn can enjoy their luxurious King-size rooms, complete with state-of-the-art panoramic views, as well as the signature Wynn beds that are widely considered to be some of the best on the Strip.

On the other hand, Aria stands out for its convenient location near the center of the Strip. If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere without sacrificing proximity to all the action, then Aria is definitely the way to go.
Each resort also provides guests with a great selection of amenities and services. Wynn offers an impressive array of facilities and has received a near-perfect rating for years. Highlights include two full-size pools, a Lake of Dreams nightly show, and Fashion Show Mall.

ARIA also offers guests plenty of amenities, including 3 full-size pools, an adult-only pool club at Liquid within the property, an ARIA Fine Art Collection, and The Shops at Crystals. Plus, ARIA also offers a free shuttling service called ARIA Express which will take guests from Aria, Bellagio, Park MGM, and The Shops at Crystals.


It’s worth noting that Aria’s casino has some of the best table game rules on the Strip, giving players a better chance of winning. But Wynn also has an impressive sportsbook and poker area, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Wynn boasts a large casino floor with more than 200 table games and thousands of slot machines. ARIA’s casino is slightly smaller, but still features tons of popular table games and slots.

For those who prefer slots, Wynn has some of the most innovative machines, while Aria focuses more on classic favorites. For sports enthusiasts, both have superb sportsbooks and poker areas.


The dining options at each resort are equally impressive. Wynn offers upscale restaurants such as Country Club, Terrace Point Café and Mizumi. Meanwhile, ARIA features renowned restaurants such as Catch, Jean Georges Steakhouse, Salt & Ivy and Carbone.

Both resorts also have plenty of bars and lounges, such as Parasol Down at Wynn and SkyBar at ARIA.


Of course, there’s much more to do at Wynn and Aria than just relax, shop and party. Wynn resorts offer top-notch shows from world-renowned performers, from Awakening at Wynn to top artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Aria does not have any entertainment available at the time of writing this article but they do showcase shows at other nearby MGM properties.

The resort pools are also noteworthy attractions for guests who want to soak in some sun. From the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn to Aria’s Liquid Pool Lounge, there’s plenty of fun to be had during the day.

For night owls, it’s hard to top the entertainment offerings of either location. Wynn has some of the most renowned nightclubs on the Strip, like XS and Encore Beach Club at Night, while Aria’s Gold Lounge and Jewel Nightclub offer great late night options for the discerning crowd. And for the more laid-back partygoers, both resorts have a wide range of lounges and bars to choose from.


If you’re seeking a luxury shopping experience, you won’t be disappointed by either Wynn or Aria. At Wynn, guests can enjoy the unique selection of exclusive boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci, while Aria’s high-end Shops at Crystals feature designer labels such as Prada, Versace and Cartier.

From jewelry to apparel, both resorts have something to offer in terms of retail therapy.


And if you’re looking for a place to unwind and unplug, Wynn and Aria both have exceptional spa experiences to help you relax and recharge. From massages to state-of-the-art saunas, each resort’s spa offerings are top notch. Plus, with both resorts offering childcare services, rest and relaxation can still be achieved even when traveling with kids.

For Vegas visitors seeking an extraordinary getaway, Wynn and Aria are both excellent options. From luxury amenities and high-end accommodations to unparalleled entertainment and hospitality, there’s no shortage of great options to choose from at either resort.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting a premier resort for your Vegas getaway, the choice between Wynn and Aria can be a daunting one, as both properties provide world class accommodations and amenities.

Although Wynn certainly offers a higher level of luxury and service, Aria offers a more accessible location to explore the rest of the Strip. Ultimately, the decision ultimately boils down to personal preferences and budget. Visitors should explore the many options to see which one perfectly suits their travel needs!