10 Best Things To Do and See at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

10 Best Things To Do and See at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Escape the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas to discover a world full of breathtaking natural beauty at Red Rock Canyon. Just a short drive from the famous Strip, this stunning destination offers unforgettable outdoor experiences for every kind of traveler.

Dive into our list of top 10 must-do activities in Red Rock Canyon to plan your perfect day trip or hiking adventure, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Top 10 Things To Do and See at Red Rock Canyon

Discover the best ways to make your trip to Red Rock Canyon unforgettable with these top 10 must-do activities, including scenic drives, hiking trails, rock climbing, horseback riding, cycling tours, and camping.

Go Hiking In Red Rock Canyon

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, one popular activity that should be on your must-do list is hiking in Red Rock Canyon. With over 26 hiking trails to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Here are five of the best hikes to check out:

1. First Creek Canyon: This trail is heavily traveled and offers a scenic view of a small waterfall and lush vegetation.

2. Calico Tanks Trail: This hike is considered one of the best in Red Rock Canyon and offers panoramic views of Las Vegas and unique rock formations.

3. Lost Creek Children’s Discovery Trail: Perfect for families with children, this easy trail features waterfalls and caves to explore.

4. Pine Creek Canyon Trail: This hike starts in a lush, wooded area before transitioning to desert landscapes and unique rock formations along the way.

5. Turtlehead Peak Trail: For more experienced hikers, this challenging trail offers stunning views at the summit overlooking Red Rock Canyon.

Before starting your hike, make sure to bring plenty of water, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and stay on designated trails. The weather can also reach extreme temperatures during certain times of the year, so it’s important to plan ahead and check weather conditions before heading out.

Drive The Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

For those not into hiking, one of the best ways to see Red Rock Canyon and truly appreciate its breathtaking beauty is by taking a drive along the 13-mile Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive. This incredible journey allows you to comfortably explore the magnificent scenery of the area from your vehicle or bicycle. As I drove through this stunning area it quickly became clear why visiting Red Rock Canyon ranks as one of the top things to do in Las Vegas.

The scenic drive offers numerous pullouts and overlooks, so be sure to take advantage of these opportunities for picturesque photo ops and moments to explore the nearby trails or admire the scenery. One popular area to explore is the Calico Hills areas – vibrant pink and orange formations that are perfect examples of why Red Rock Canyon is such an iconic destination. Make sure your camera (or phone) is charged because trust me, you’ll want to capture countless memories throughout your trip!

Visit The Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

A visit to the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center is undoubtedly one of the best ways to kick off your adventure at this incredible natural wonder. As an essential stop for travelers exploring the canyon, it serves as a valuable resource hub offering crucial information about all there is to do and see in this fascinating park. Pick up a trail map or explore the interactive exhibits.

Additionally, trained staff members are available to answer any questions or suggest red rock canyon activities that cater specifically to your interests or desired level of challenge. Don’t miss out on checking their collection of souvenirs that capture memories from your amazing trip!

Explore The Petroglyphs In Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

I highly recommend exploring the petroglyphs in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where you can admire ancient rock art created thousands of years ago by Native American tribes. This activity is perfect for history buffs and culture enthusiasts who want to learn more about the rich heritage of this area.

You can easily access the petroglyphs via a short hike along the Petroglyph Wall trail. Keep an eye out for pictographs of animals, geometric shapes, and human figures etched into the rocks.

Remember to respect these treasured pieces of history by refraining from touching or defacing them in any way. Snap some photos instead and marvel at how these carvings have stood the test of time, enduring for generations to come.

  • Petroglyphs are considered sacred objects and should not be disturbed.
  • The Bureau of Land Management provides interpretive signage at many sites throughout Red Rock Canyon NCA.
  • The most commonly found designs include circles (usually interpreted as solar symbols), spirals (often linked to water sources), dots, crosses/plus signs (thought to represent stars), animal tracks/paw prints/human footprints (tracks)

Experience Horseback Riding Through The Canyon

Horseback riding through Red Rock Canyon is an unforgettable experience that you don’t want to miss on your Las Vegas trip. The stunning natural beauty of the area is even more breathtaking from the back of a horse, and it’s also much easier to cover more ground than by foot.

The two-hour ride takes you through a variety of terrains, including valleys, rocky trails, and canyons. I highly recommend this activity for any adventure seekers out there looking for an exciting way to explore Red Rock Canyon.

Expert guides lead each group and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time throughout their journey. As someone who loves horses and nature, this was undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of visiting Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Don’t forget to plan ahead by making reservations in advance since spots can fill up quickly during peak season.

Cycle Through The Red Rock Canyon

One of the best ways to experience Red Rock Canyon is through cycling. The scenic drive offers fantastic cycling routes, with both paved and unpaved options available. Not only will you get some exercise while taking in breathtaking views, but it’s also a great way to explore the canyon at your own pace.

If you’re up for a challenge, try tackling the 13-mile loop that takes riders through the heart of the conservation area. Mountain biking is also popular in the area, with several trails designated specifically for this activity outside of the Scenic Loop.

Take A Guided Tour Of Red Rock Canyon

If you’re limited in transportation and looking for the best way to see Red Rock Canyon, taking a Red Rock Canyon guided tour is definitely worth considering. Not only will you get an expert’s insight into the area’s rich history and unique geology, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore some of the park’s hidden gems that may be missed on your own.

There are many guided tour options available, ranging from hiking tours, scooter tours, horseback riding, jeep tours or even helicopter tours for those who prefer a more adventurous experience.

Your knowledgeable guide can point out native plants and animals along with fun facts about their habitat and behavior. Additionally, they can share stories about indigenous people who once called this land home. With so much history and natural beauty to discover in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, why not consider joining one of these informative tours?

Challenge Yourself With Rock Climbing In Red Rock Canyon

Rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon is not for the faint of heart, but it is a thrilling and adventurous way to experience the beauty of this natural wonder. There are various routes available for climbers of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Whether you prefer bouldering or traditional climbing, there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself in Red Rock Canyon.

One popular spot for rock climbing is the Calico Hills area, which features unique sandstone formations that provide excellent opportunities for climbers. Remember to always wear proper gear and follow safety protocols when taking part in any type of climbing activity.

Enjoy Camping In Red Rock Canyon

Camping near Red Rock Canyon is a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to Las Vegas. Surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, camping near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers travelers an opportunity to disconnect from the crowds on the Las Vegas Strip and truly connect with nature.

Visitors can choose from a variety of campsites that offer different amenities depending on their needs. Some sites have fire pits, picnic tables, and even showers! Several RV parking hookups are also available.

See The Beautiful Red Rock Canyon Sunset

I highly recommend witnessing the stunning sunset at Red Rock Canyon, as it is one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll see in Las Vegas. As the sun starts to descend behind the canyon’s red rocks, it creates a magical and awe-inspiring scene that will leave you speechless.

The vibrant colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks illuminate the entire sky making for an unforgettable moment.

To get the best view of this natural wonder, I suggest finding a comfortable spot on top of one of the rocks or hills around the Calico Basin area or one of the scenic pull offs. It’s not uncommon to see other visitors with picnic blankets enjoying the sunset while sipping on some local wine or beer. Make sure to bring warm clothing since it can get chilly quickly once the sun sets.

Useful Tips For Visiting Red Rock Canyon

To make the most out of your Red Rock Canyon adventure, it’s important to follow some useful tips such as making reservations ahead of time, bringing plenty of water and necessary supplies, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, following the rules and regulations set in place, and staying on designated trails and areas. Keep reading for more insights into exploring this beautiful natural wonder!

Plan Ahead And Make Reservations

I highly recommend planning ahead and making reservations before visiting Red Rock Canyon. Timed entry reservations are also required for the scenic drive between October 1 – May 31 for vehicle entry between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free visit, it’s best to head over to the website.

Additionally, don’t forget to bring cash as admission fees apply when entering the canyon grounds. The admission fees range from $20 per vehicle for a car or truck, $10 for motorcycles and $8 for cyclists.

By planning ahead and making reservations, you’ll be able to fully enjoy all that Red Rock Canyon has to offer without any unexpected surprises or inconvenience.

Bring Plenty Of Water

When planning a trip to Red Rock Canyon, it’s important to keep in mind that the desert can be very dehydrating, especially during the hot summer months. Temperatures in Las Vegas can exceed 100 degrees on most days during the summer, therefore, it’s essential to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Wear Appropriate Clothing And Footwear

As someone who has explored Red Rock Canyon quite a bit, I highly recommend wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. The terrain can be uneven and rocky, and the rocks themselves can be slippery if you’re not careful. A solid pair of hiking shoes is highly recommended for visiting the area, even if you don’t plan on hiking any trails.

In addition to good shoes, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. During summer months, temperatures in Las Vegas can soar into triple digits and there is little shade in some parts of the park so wear hats and sunglasses as well as sunscreen!

Extra Activities And Sightseeing

Aside from the activities in Red Rock Canyon, you may also want to visit the historic Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. This park offers an oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

Aside from learning about history at this site, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is a popular location for weddings and events. The park has several picnic areas with charcoal grills available so you can relax outdoors amidst stunning scenery while enjoying food straight off the grill.

With its desert landscape and amazing scenery, this state park provides both locals and tourists with an unforgettable outdoor experience that is well worth a visit when exploring what Las Vegas has to offer!

Plan Your Red Rock Canyon Adventure Now!

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking beauty and adventure of Red Rock Canyon during your next Las Vegas trip. With so many must-do activities, from hiking and rock climbing to horseback riding and camping, there’s something for everyone.

Plan ahead, make reservations and remember to bring plenty of water as you explore this must-see natural wonder. Take in the stunning sunset views and discover the unique flora and fauna of the desert landscape. So what are you waiting for?